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Our love of wild remote places often draws us to the beauty of Scotland. We have been seduced by the stark simplicity of the Hebrides and love the feeling of isolation on these islands. As regular visitors to the western isles, we often marvelled at the beauty of the Scottish mainland. So, in 2012 we decided it was about time we spent some time in these lovely areas and we weren’t disappointed.


After spending many years visiting the Isle of Mull  we decided it was time to widen our horizons and explore some of the other islands, so the Outer Hebrides were a must.
We started out by visiting the Isle of Harris. Janet particularly loves the subtlety of the colours on Harris and they make a great contrast to the bolder coastal images Richard often produces.
The weather in the outlying islands can be a challenge, so Harris is very much a “work in process” place for us.

Mull & Eigg

The beautiful Isle of Mull has been our spiritual second home for many years and is a place we have visited many, many times. We love its mixture of coast, mountains and wooded hillsides and find it a wonderful place of contrasts to photograph.
The Isle of Eigg was on our list of must visit places, so we had a short visit a few years ago and were captivated with the place.
A quirky island just a few miles long, Eigg is a fascinating place to visit.
With locations like Laig Bay it has to be on most landscape photographers list of 10 top places to visit and photograph.
However having only visited it for a few days, we feel we have barely scratched the surface, so Eigg is definitely a place we plan to visit again one day soon.

North Uist

In the summer of 2016 we had our first venture onto the Isle of Uist.
Uist proved to be a much less “developed” island than Harris, but we fell in love with it and plan to return one day soon.
Despite the poor weather and not producing many good images, we really connected to Uist and can’t wait to go back again.

St. Kilda

St. Kilda is a place I’d been aware of for many years, but it was seeing a couple of television programs that brought it to the forefront of my mind, then in 2010 I got a chance to go on a day trip and was blown away with the feel of the place. The island is renown for its bad weather, but the day I visited was an un-characteristically warm bright sunny day, so I didn’t feel I’d captured the ‘spirit’ of the place, so I felt compelled to go again. I finally got a second chance in September 2013 and landed on another hot, bright sunny day!
By now I’d got the bug and was determined to do it justice, so I planned to return and camp for a few days in May 2014. Unfortunately, the weather turned against me the night before I left, leaving me with yet another day trip which ended with a truly stomach wrenching 5¼ hour return journey!
Un-deterred, the ‘bug’ was heading towards full blown obsession, so yet another trip in summer 2015 was planned. This time we got as far as queuing up on the pier before the trip was cancelled, so yet another trip in May 2016 was planned, but yet again the weather closed in and the trip was cancelled at the last minute.
By now my resilience has been tested to the limit and officially I’ve quit this quest, but who knows, I might just try again one day soon…………and I did, I finally made it in July 2017 and achieved my ambition and camped for a couple of nights!

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