Gallery – Norway

As lovers of wild, remote places, we had long wanted to visit the Lofoten Islands off the coast of Norway to capture the arctic winter light. So, what started as a throw away comment one day, suddenly became a reality in 2012.
Actually getting there proved to be a big adventure, but once on the islands we were blown away by the scenery and the quality of the arctic light. The village of Reine proved to be an ideal venue with unrivalled photographic potential right on our doorstep.
We stayed in a converted fisherman’s hut (Rorbu) overlooking
Reinefjord with wonderful views of Olstind to our north.
In addition to the great landscape, we were also treated to wonderful views of the northern lights. 
We were so taken with the place that we decided to visit again in February 2013 and were not disappointed, this really is one of the most beautiful places on earth and another must visit location.

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